How To Download Movies On iPhone: A Newbie's Guide (2023)

There are many ways to download movies on iPhones, such as through the Apple TV app, Google Play Movies & TV, streaming services, and torrenting. When it comes to the streaming services that you can use, they are Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney Plus.

I like watching my fair share of movies. Since I travel a lot, I have to download most of them for offline viewing. It's something several users want to do, so I have taken you through the process below.


How To Download Movies on iPhone (or iPad)?

As mentioned, there are a couple of ways to download movies. There are two main ways to do this, and they include whether it's free or not.

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Method 1: How to Download Movies By Paying

Apple TV App

If you've ever seen the Apple TV app and wondered what it does, let me tell you. It's a pre-installed application on Apple devices that you can use to watch content whenever and wherever you want. It's great because it lets you watch downloaded movies offline, and rent movies too. First:

  • Make sure you have an internet connection
  • Open Apple TV app
  • Tap the Watch Now button
  • Select a movie
  • Double-click it to buy it


  • Tap the Cloud download icon to download the film
  • Switch to the Library tab
  • Click on the Play icon

Google Movies & TV

Google Movies & TV is the Android alternative to the Apple TV app. Although it's made by Google, you can still use it on iOS devices:

Here's how you download movies with it:

  • Launch Google Play Movies
  • Search for the film you want
  • Click on the Download icon that pops up
  • Go back to the app home screen
  • Click on the Downloaded Only section
  • Find your film

Streaming Services

If you've ever used Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Disney Plus, you might have noticed the download button. Clicking this allows you to download content.

I've taken a more in-depth look at how to use these streaming services for offline watching below.

For Netflix:

  • Launch the Netflix app
  • Search for the movie or TV show that you're interested in
  • Click on it in the menu
  • Click on the arrow icon
  • Go to the app home screen and tap the Download icon
  • Find the film or show you downloaded

Amazon Prime:

  • Open the Amazon Prime app
  • Go to the search bar and find the Prime movie or TV show that you want
  • Tap the Download icon

Disney Plus:

  • Launch Disney+
  • Look for the movie or TV show that you're interested in
  • Click on the Download button on the Details page
  • You will see a progress bar showing how long it's taking
  • A device icon will pop up when your movie is ready

HBO Max:

  • Launch the HBO Max app
  • Make sure that you are connected to a WiFi network (downloading by default is limited to WiFi only)
  • Search for the movie or TV show episode
  • Click on the arrow pointing downwards
  • You will see the download progress via the circle on the side
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Method 2: How to Download and Watch Free Movies

Freemake Video Downloader

Freemake Video Downloader lets you download content from unofficial streaming sites. You can use it for movies and TV shows.

Here's how you use it to download free movies:

  • Open the Apple app store and search for the FreeMake Video Downloader tool
  • Open your browser and find an online source to watch the movie or TV show
  • Copy and paste the site URL into the FreeMake Video Downloader
  • Select the desired movie resolution, as well as format
  • Click on the convert to iPhone button
  • Tap Export to iTunes
  • Select the Download and Convert button
  • Wait for your movie to be downloaded
  • You should see a download icon when the software is done. This should take a few seconds

iO Transfer

If the movie is on YouTube, you can use the iO Transfer tool to download it. Just know that you will need a second tool to access the movie that you downloaded. First:

  • Go to the IO Transfer Online website
  • Paste the YouTube video link
  • Click on the Download to iPhone option
  • Choose the desired output quality and video format
  • Tap the Download button to continue
  • You should see a prompt appear asking you to set the name for the file
  • Tap the Save button to confirm


  • Launch the Document 6 app (you can get it from the Apple app store for free, if you haven't already)
  • Click on the Downloads button
  • Long-press the movie you've just downloaded
  • Tap the Camera Roll option
  • Go to your gallery and find the file


Last but not least, you can torrent whatever you want to watch. I have an in-depth article on how to download torrent on iPads. This works well for iPhones too. Just know that you will need a VPN first. Make sure that it's thorough like NordVPN, so that your IP doesn't leak. You could get in trouble otherwise.


Answered below are some popular questions.

Which App Can I Use To Download Movies On iPhone?

If I were to run through the apps you can use to download videos and full length movies, I'd be here all day. I already touched on the best ones. Some of them include the Apple TV app, Google Movies & TV, Netflix, and HBO Max.

Why Can't I Download Files On My iPhone?

If you're having issues with a downloaded movie, or any other type of file, you're most likely low on storage. Go to Settings > Storage & iCloud to check how much space is left. If it's not much, you will have to uninstall old apps and files.

How to uninstall apps:

  • Go to the home screen
  • Find the application that you want to get rid of
  • Hold it down
  • Click on the Uninstall button
  • Tap Delete

How to delete files:

  • Open the File app
  • Go to the folder the file is stored in
  • Hold it down
  • Tap Delete

Alternatively, the problem could be due to your internet. You may not have a stable connection as you think. Try moving closer to your router or connect to another wireless network.

As you can imagine, network errors can cause problems with your internet too. Switching Airplane mode on and off is the easiest way to deal with them.

Here's what you do:

  • Swipe down to open the Control Center
  • Tap on the airplane icon
  • Wait a few seconds and tap the airplane icon off again

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What Video Format Does iPhone Use?

iPhones can only work with m4v, . mp4, and . mov files.

What Is The Best Video Player For iPhone?

As discussed, iPhones can only handle 3 different file formats. What should you do if you want to watch a video in any other format? You'll have to use a video player. There are several on the App store, and I've run through 2 of my favorites.

1. PlayXtreme Media Player

You'll have to pay to use most of the video players on the Apple app store, except for the PlayXtreme Media Player. It's not only free, but also highly rated. I've used it a couple of times and can attest to this.

It works with all file formats, and you can control how the subtitles look too. If you really like, you can add password protection to your content library.

If you're Russian, you'll appreciate how the application lets you translate the media file.

Unlike many of its counterparts, it doesn't eat up a lot of battery power either.

2. KMPlayer

If you're not a fan of PlayXtreme, or want to use an alternative, you can use the KMPlayer. It's another free choice that is highly rated.

You will be able to use it on pretty much all file formats. Some of these include WMV, MPEG1/2/4, 3GP, OGM, MKV, DVD, and VCD.

Not only can you watch different types of video on it, but also use it to convert one format to another.

You can use the video player to handle 4K content, as well as support 3D and WIDL content too.

How To Download Movies On iPhone: A Newbie's Guide (3)

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Final Thoughts

When it comes to free movie apps, most of them allow you to download content from unofficial free streaming sites. So, keep in mind that this is pirating.

Hopefully, you found my guide useful. You will be able to watch downloaded movies whenever you want now!

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