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Searching for a tool to watch your loved one Insta story and posts without letting him know? Curious to know that is it possible then we can say yes. There are many online web tools and third-party apps available on the internet that help you to watch anyone’s public posts, highlights, and stories without their knowledge. One such platform we are going to talk about today is “IgAnony”.

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IgAnony: Instant Instagram Viewer and Downloader

IgAnony is a web-based app that is used to watch anyone’s public Instagram profile, stories, and posts. With the help of this platform not just you are able to view other profiles completely but you can also download photos and posts as well. the most amazing feature of this platform is you don’t need to pay for it and you can use it without creating your Insta account or IgAnony profile.

Just visit the official website of IgAnony and type the user’s profile you want to stalk and you are in. There is no limitation you can search for hundreds of Instagram profiles daily without registration or paying a fee.

How Does IgAnony Work? Short Overview!

IgAnony is an Instagram viewer and downloader platform where people can search for their friends loved one profile and can stalk them anonymously. It is not officially associated with Instagram and doesn’t host any type of content. It works simply and fastly as compared to other platforms. Users simply put the Instagram profile information or id in the search bar and it fetches all the information about that particular Insta profile by showing the complete profile and information including followers and total posts etc.

Is IgAnony Anonymous? (Common Question)

anonymous apps are those apps or platforms that keep you unknown to others. IgAnony is the platform where you will be anonymous for others. The Instagram account holders will not be aware that you have visited their profile. Or you stalk them. Using this platform for watching stories, posts or profiles of others keeps you namelessly and secretly.

For example, if you visit and view someone’s profile and download anything from their profile, they will not get any kind of notification and you will not be listed in the story viewer.

This is possible because this platform doesn’t require any kind of information from you and you don’t need to have an Instagram profile. So this platform is absolutely anonymous and you can view and download content from anyone’s public profile namelessly.

How does IgAnony Maintain Privacy?

If we talk about the privacy of others or for the IgAnony users themselves then this platform is beneficial for both the Instagram profile holder and at the same time for you as well.

When you search someone’s profile on this platform then there is no history saved on the IgAnony search bar. And it doesn’t gather any type of information for you similarly the person whose profile or account you come to search for is also secured because this application helps you to watch and download all types of public content.

All the private content is saved and it doesn’t allow you to view and download and thus maintain the account holder’s privacy. Although it’s a third-party application it is save to use and doesn’t violate privacy policy.

What are the Features of IgAnony that Make It Unique?

There are many dramatic features of IgAnony following is the list of the complete feature list of this platform.

Fully Anonymous:

IgAnony is a completely anonymous platform to watch Instagram stories and posts of others. anonymous means the person whose profile you are visiting or stalk will not be aware of it. It will maintain your privacy and security.

Free to use:

All the feature and services provided by this application is absolutely free. You don’t need to pay for it. you can use it for free to visit anyone’s Instagram profile not just view it but also you can download different photos, stories, and posts for free.

Ultimate Downloader:

IgAnony is not an anonymous Insta viewer application but it is more than that. If you liked someone’s profile picture or post that he/she shares as a public post, then you can easily save it on your device without any software installation or third-party downloader. It is itself a speedy downloader.

All Device Compatibility:

One of the most useful and fantastic features of this platform is that it is totally device compatible. No matter whether you are using a mobile or navigating it on your laptop or pc. This platform can conveniently be used on any device with internet availability.

No Sign-Up Required:

Another feature of this platform that might be most convenient and helpful for you is that you can use it without creating an account or login procedure. By simply navigating to its website you can directly search any profile on it. this makes it more efficient.

How to use IgAnony? (Step-by-Step Guide)

IgAnony is an Instagram story, profile viewer, and downloader. Here we will teach you how you can easily use this platform for searching someone’s Insta profile.

Need Valid Internet Connection: First of all, you must have an internet connection and browse to visit this website page for searching anyone’s profile.

Open IgAnony Official Website: Navigate to the browser and type IgAnony.io. You will be landed on the home page of the website.

Enter the Instagram ID: You will see a search bar there to search and navigate for your Instagram profile. Type your Instagram id there with the complete and correct id and click on the search tab.

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Verify the Profile: Now you can visit the whole profile of the particular person and also view stories, highlights, and posts shared by that Insta account.

Download Instagram Stories and Images: Now you can download stories and images. Just click on stories and scroll to download, there will be a direct option to download Instagram stories/videos and images.

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Note: Make sure you have the correct and authentic profile ID.

What are the Pros of using IgAnony for Instagram?

There are a number of pros using IgAnony some of which we are going to explore here.

  • IgAnony one of the most useful pros of using is that it keeps you hidden. No matter how many times you are visiting and stalking someone’s Insta profile that profile holder will never know about it. now you can visit and view anyone’s Insta profile without their knowledge.
  • You don’t need to create an account on this platform or make a subscription to use. This is absolutely free of subscription and sign-up or login procedure. This is quite beneficial because sometimes it is difficult to remember passwords for all apps.
  • This app allows you to browse anyone’s public profile and also provides a service to download or save photos and videos from their public profile directly to your device and for that, you don’t need to install any app or software. it Is itself a downloader.
  • Using IgAnony provides you the facility to save and download high-quality images and videos on your device. You can save images in Jpeg and videos in MP4.
  • this Instagram viewer and downloader has a user-friendly interface and so easy to navigate. As it does not require any type of subscription or sign-up procedure so this feature makes it more convenient to use for newbies.
  • It is totally safe and secure platform. It is not associated with Instagram and thus not hosted any type of content. Apart from that it does not require any type of software to use so it is a safe and secure platform to use.
  • Another marvelous pro of using this platform is its device compatibility. No matter which device you have if you have a strong internet connection you can navigate it to search for anyone’s Instagram profile.
  • Although this platform shows anyone’s Instagram profile anonymously to anyone it also maintains the privacy of others. it only shows public profiles and content for downloading no private accounts or content are shown on this platform.

What are the Top Competitors of IgAnony?

Following is the list of top competitors of IgAnony for Instagram.

Anon IG Viewer: Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously

Anon IG Viewer is also an anonymous application to view and download the Instagram profiles of others without letting them know. It is device compatible app and absolutely free and easy to use. This application does not require any subscription or sign-up.

Dumpor: Instagram Story Viewer Anonymously

There are numerous anonymous applications and stalkers are available to watch and stalk Insta profiles, stories, and posts. Dumpor is considered one of the best applications to watch and stalk Instagram profiles anonymously. It is a fast easy and free private story viewer among other Instagram viewers and downloaders.

Imginn: Download Instagram Stories Highlights, Photos and Videos

Imginn is a free and easy-to-use online application to view and save Instagram stories and content. This is an anonymous application that is used to browse Insta content and take backups of any Instagram profile. This online tool provides a service to view and download Instagram content on your device for free.

Storiesdown: Download Instagram Stories

Storiesdown is a convenient online tool for downloading Instagram stories without any hassle. This is also a competitor. On this tool users can save their favorite Instagram stories directly to their devices, preserving memories even after they’ve disappeared from the social platform.


What is IgAnony?

IgAnony is a free and easy-to-use Instagram profile viewer and downloader. This platform helps you to watch and view others’ stories and profiles anonymously without letting them know.

Can I watch private stories using IgAnony?

No, IgAnony maintains the privacy of others’ Instagram profiles and does not allow you to view and download private content of Instagram profiles. It only allows to watch and view public content shared by people on their profile.

Can I download photos and videos through IgAnony?

Yes, you can easily and directly save anyone’s public photo and video on your device for free. You can download images in the video in high quality. Images can be saved in JPEG and video in MP4.

Is there any app for IgAnony?

Nope, this is an online web-based app that can use only on a web browser. Might be in the future they release an official app but correctly not available.

Does the website collect any data?

Nope, this website doesn’t collect/save any data, it means you can use it without knowing anyone!

Wrapping up:

IgAnony is an Instagram story viewer platform that is device compatible and free to use. This website can be used without sign-up. It is an anonymous platform to view Insta stories and posts. I hope this article will be helpful for you. Thanks for visiting.

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