Where to Find Netflix Downloads on PC / Android / iPhone [EASY] - DRM Wizard - The Best DRM Removal Software Collection (2023)

Where to Find Netflix Downloads on PC / Android / iPhone [EASY] - DRM Wizard - The Best DRM Removal Software Collection (1)

Once download Netflix movies, where Netflix downloads are saved? Let’s find where do Netflix downloads go on PC and smartphones. We also discuss how to keep Netflix downloads.

Netflix allows downloading content for offline playback, but where are your Netflix downloads stored? Is it possible to change the download location?

With a wide array of television shows, documentaries and movies available, Netflix has a significant name in online entertainment. It is arguably the premium streaming video service provider as of now, operating in over more than 190 countries. Like other streaming service, Netflix offers offline feature, allowing you to download content for playback on various devices. With several clicks, a movie can be downloaded offline on Netflix app, however, many people are wondering where are Netflix downloads stored. After tapping Download icon, where do Netflix downloads go on Windows PC or Android iPhone? You are not alone.

I have a long flight coming up so I decided to download the Windows 10 app and download some Better Call Saul to watch offline on my trip. I downloaded the app, signed in and lined up about 8 episodes to download. They are downloaded successfully, but I can’t find where they are. Where can I find my Netflix downloads on PC? What is the Windows 10 Netflix app offline download location? – Jimmy

I’ve downloaded quite a few movies from Netflix to my Samsung Android phone. Where are Netflix downloads saved on Android? They take up a lot of space, I’d like to change the download location for these offline files, and move them to my SD card. –Peter

The post would guide you find the Netflix downloads folder on either Windows 10 PC or smartphones. At the same time, let’s check whether it is possible to change the Netflix downloads location as well as what will happen when doing so.

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Where to Find Netflix Downloads on PC

If you are running Windows 10 version 1607 (Anniversary Update) or later, you could use Netflix app to download movies or TV shows. You may find Netflix does not allow you to browse to the place where your downloads are saved. Let’s find the location of your Netflix downloads to solve this puzzle.

1. Open File Explorer from the Taskbar.

Note: The Netflix folder is a hidden folder. To display it, go to the View tab and then click on the Option menu button on the right.

2. In Folder Options, select the View tab and scroll to the Files and Folders settings. If it’s not checked, then select the Show Hidden files, folders, and drives setting to enable it.

3. Make sure to click OK.

4. From the File Explorer, you can navigate to the Netflix download folder. The full path is:

Here [USERNAME] is the Windows folder with your current username.

Note: If you find there is nothing under this folder, it means you have never downloaded any movies or shows with the Windows 10 Netflix app. Once you download content from Netflix app successfully, you could see a bunch of files here.

Where to Find Netflix Downloads on Android

For users using Android phones or tablet running Android 4.4.2, they are able to download movies or shows from Netflix app. However, the Netflix downloads location are hidden by default. You can access them by a file manager app. Here we use Files by Google. It is FREE. Let’s find where do Netflix downloads go on Android smart phone.

1. Open Files and go to Settings > Show hidden files.

2. Navigate your way to Internal Storage > Android > data > com.netflix.mediaclient > files > Download > .of

3. You’ll now see some folders with eight-digit random numbers as the name. Open one of these to find a downloaded movie.

Where to Find Netflix Downloads on iPhone

Netflix app allows you to download contents on iPhone or iPad, iPod touch with iOS 9.0 or later. Every downloaded movies and TV show will be seen inside the Netflix app and within the “My Downloads” section on iPhone. You can check Netflix downloads by:

1. Launching Netflix app on your iPhone.

2. Clicking on the Menu icon seen in the upper right of the screen.

3. Selecting “My Downloads” from the listed options.

To play any of the videos seen here, just choose the movie or TV show you plan to view and click play.

Can you Change the Netflix Downloads Location

Downloading Netflix videos for offline viewing is great when an internet is not available or to save data usage. But it is not surprising that downloading Netflix content offline would eat your space, either on PC or smart phone. The length of the video will often determine the amount of storage that is needed. The lengthier the video, the more storage space required. Hi-Definition (HD) versions will consume even more space, at times reaching double the Megabytes (MB) needed for the Standard Definition (SD) versions.

To release the space, you can move the Netflix downloads to other location.

For Windows PC, just move the Netflix downloads folder to another location of your computer drive. When you want to watch them again, just copy them back to the original location.

Note: You may find it is difficult to identify the Netflix movie or shows downloaded, as they are displayed in unknown numbers. Even though, you can’t change the file name. Rename the largest file and Netflix will no longer recognize them. Also, you cannot play them with any media player except the Netflix app.

For Android smart phone, you could download the Netflix movies and TV shows to microSD card instead of internal storage. To do so, you need to open Netflix app and go to More > App Settings. Then Scroll down to the Downloads section and tap Download Location. Select SD Card from the list.

Note: If you’ve already downloaded movies to your phone’s internal storage and would like to move them to your SD card instead you can try moving them manually using your file manager. However, you will have to move them back before you watch them, and you can’t open the Netflix app in the meantime because it will no longer recognize the downloads if you do.

Can you Keep Netflix Downloads?

It is heartbroken when you start to view the downloaded Netflix movie, but find it is GONE. The Netflix downloads does not exist forever. And it also has some limitations when you are trying to watch Netflix movies and TV shows offline. Here lists some Netflix downloads limits.

  • You can have up to 100 downloads at a time on as many devices on your membership plan.
  • Netflix downloads will expire after a period of time. Expiration times for Netflix videos will vary from file to file.
  • Some Netflix downloads have a limit on how many times they can be downloaded per year.
  • Netflix downloads can only be viewed through Netflix app.

✨Bonus: How to Keep Netflix Downloads and Play Anywhere, Anytime, on Any Device?

Due to the limitations of Netflix downloads list above, you have to keep an eye on the expiration of the downloaded Netflix content carefully. Thanks to Netflix video downloader, all these can be ignored. With Netflix downloader, you are able to keep Netflix movies or TV Show downloads in HD 1080p MP4 videos, and watch them offline without any restriction.

Features of Netflix video downloader:

  • Download Netflix Movies and TV Shows in 1080P High Quality MP4 Files
  • Keep multi-language subtitles and audios including EAC3 5.1
  • Save subtitles as SRT files or remux them into the video
  • Support batch conversion as well as super-fast downloading speed
  • The downloaded Netflix videos can be played on various devices
  • Easy-to use, with concise interface

$16.96 Buy Now (Mac) $16.96 Buy Now (Windows)

Steps to Use Netflix Video Downloader

1. Launch the program, login with your Netflix account and then search your wanted title of your favorite movies or TV shows.

2. Choose the Netflix content you want to download.

3. Find the downloaded Netflix video on your local computer.


Where are Netflix downloads stored? The Netflix default download location are vary from different devices. Following the guide above, it is easy to find Netflix downloads on your PC, Android and iPhone. If you want to save the space, we also introduce how to change the Netflix downloads location, especially for smartphones. To keep Netflix downloads, looking for a Netflix video downloader is the best solution.

Where to Find Netflix Downloads on PC / Android / iPhone [EASY] - DRM Wizard - The Best DRM Removal Software Collection (10)Where to Find Netflix Downloads on PC / Android / iPhone [EASY] - DRM Wizard - The Best DRM Removal Software Collection (11)

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